FirstGear Mesh Hi Boots Review

by eric 13. December 2013 05:42

FirstGear Mesh Hi Boots I purchased these boots about six months ago I was immediately impressed with the build quality of these $140.00 boots (easily found at $120.00). These are light weight mesh boots that required no break in and from the get go were comfortable. For the last four years I've been using Sidi Onroad boots by far the best boots I've owned (retail $360.00). As much as I like the Sidi boots they can be a bit warm; not surprising considering how much protection they offer.


Well after living in Arizona a few years I really needed boots for warmer weather but didn't want to break the bank. After about six thousand miles in the Firstgear boots I have zero complaints; are they built as nicely as the Sidi boot? Well no, but the boots are less than half the cost (actually 66% less money) and a great bang for the buck.


I've used these boots in all types of weather and they have kept my feet cool and warm; my feet even stayed dry after riding in the rain for hundreds  of miles during a recent Colorado trip (I do have fairing lowers so your results might be different.) The height of the boot is fairly tall but not as tall as the Sidi, there is reinforcement and padding in all the right places too.


If you're in the market for an inexpensive warm weather boot the FirstGear Mesh Hi Boots are definitely worth a look at.

Firstgear boots on the left and Sidi on the right.





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