Rachel Nevada Home To The Little A'Le'Inn

by eric 9. May 2014 15:56

Rachel is really in the middle of nowhere, population 54 and is the closest habitation to Area 51. The Inn seems to be a good gathering place for the town. It's not just the town that gathers there but people from all over, in my one night there I met people from South Africa, Australia and from cities all around the U.S.


It's a friendly place the Inn serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. The people there are quick to let you join in the conversation and make sure to say hello to Cody and Morgan. The rooms are neat at least like nothing I've ever seen before, my room was a converted house trailer with a room at each end and a shared bathroom in the middle. The rooms where clean and the food was good too and the prices are reasonable.


It was a fun two day trip and almost 1000 miles on the bike; I'm back.








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