It's Hot Very Hot Out There

by eric 18. June 2015 06:50

Marian and I went for a ride to Kanab UT, it's a familiar place having been there many times. It should have been a easy ride but the heat (103) it made it somewhat of a chore. The biggest problem was the Tar Snakes on the road, it made for some interesting riding if not downright scary. The slipping and sliding felt around some bends was un-nerving to say the least and we decided that night after enjoying a wonderful dinner at the Rocking V Cafe and spending night  at the Parry Lodge we would take a different route home. In the morning we headed out, enjoying the beautiful scenery along the way and we ended up staying In Blanding, UT. Blanding was not a bad place to stay, but it's a dry town so have your own beer or enjoy some Ice Tea instead.







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