I surpassed the 100,000 mile mark

by eric 16. August 2015 09:37

I surpassed the 100k mile mark, on two Harleys. I rode 62k miles on my 09 Road King and now rode 38k+ miles on my 11 Electra Glide Limited. Both bikes have been a pleasure despite what I've read on the internet, I would say Harley makes a very reliable motorcycle. For many a Harley is all about making it their own, with a vast selection of accessories, it's not hard to do. What I like is how good the bikes are right out of the box, but I've added things that make it better for me and safer.


Things I've added are Motolights I wrote about them here, Bright Ass Lights  tail light, my review and the video here. I also added Trucklight Phase 7 LED spotlights and headlight, not only are they very bright at night but they also use half the wattage when compared to stock. I purchased the Trucklight lights here. I have found that the Trucklights are not as visible during the day from certain angles, but I'm completely happy with them because the Motolights are very visible during the day. Here is a video showing the output of these lights, with this setup it is far the best lighting I've ever had on a motorcycle.



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